how to play Jhandi Munda

How to Play Jhandi Munda

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If you want to learn how to play Jhandi Munda, you’ve come to exactly the right place. We are going to teach you everything you need to know about the Jhandi Munda game 2022, from its history to how to play it, what variations exist and what strategies to use.

Jhandi Munda is a super popular Indian game that’s also referred to as “Langur Burja” in Nepal, or “Crown and Anchor” all over the world. It’s a traditional dice betting game played online with six dice with six sides each. The game has been around for centuries, and even today it’s still hugely popular. That’s because it is very easy to play and fit for both beginners and veterans.

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History of Jhandi Munda

Before you learn how to play Jhandi Munda, you must first learn a bit about its history. There isn’t a clear timeline of how this game first appeared or how it evolved. What is known about Jhandi Munda is that somewhere in the 18th century the British Navy used to play a game called Crown and Anchor.


The traditional dice betting game is said to have started in the Indian state Arunachal Pradesh. It is now popular throughout India, and even the world.

During this time, the game spread to the areas they frequented the most. A few hundred years later, the game had become popular in India and Nepal. Jhandi Munda is quite similar to the original version of the game.

Jhandi Munda is more than a casino game. It is a cultural tradition to play it during Tihar, the festival of lights, the Hindu festival of Dashain in Nepal, or Dashami. In fact, it’s so popular that during these times it’s common to see people playing it on the streets.

What is Jhandi Munda?

It’s a game of luck and you will have to guess which sides of the dice will land face-up. You can watch the dealer shuffle the dice and try to identify the pattern of the last few falls in order to have a better chance of getting it right, but it’s ultimately up to chance.

The exact origins of Jhandi Munda are mysterious. The game originates from Arunachal Pradesh, one of the very few cites in India where Jhandi Munda is considered a legal form of gambling.

The name of the game is translated from Hindi as Face (Jhandi) Crown (Munda). Originally, on the streets, the game was played with a bucket (used as a table) and 6 dice. Nowadays it’s just the dice online.

How to Play Jhandi Munda Games?

The game is played with 6 x 6 sided dice that don’t have numbers on them, instead, you will see a diamond, a heart, a flag, a club, a spade, and a face as symbols.

You can play it with friends, in which case you decide on a dealer. If you play it online or live you will have a real dealer. It can be played with just you against the dealer or with up to 6 players at a table.


So, how to play Jhandi Munda? After the roll, one or more of the bet symbols will come face up, and you will get paid according to the rules of the game and its paytable as follows:

1 Jhandi – you get the bet back + x1 times your bet2 Jhandi – you get the bet back + x2 times your bet3 Jhandi – you get the bet back + x3 times your bet

4 Jhandi – you get the bet back + x4 times your bet5 Jhandi – you get the bet back + x5 times your bet6 Jhandi – you get the bet back + x6 times your bet.

Jhandi Munda Rules


To learn how to play Jhandi Munda game you must also understand Jhandi Munda rules and terminology.

There aren’t many rules and it’s very easy to learn how to play Jhandi Munda:

Each player guesses the outcome of each roll of the dice by betting on a symbol they think will land face-up.Whoever guesses the most symbols wins.If the symbol you wagered on doesn’t turn up, the dealer has the right to take back the bet you made.At some online casinos, the dealer can also remove all the bets from players that only guessed one symbol right.

In online casinos, it’s even easier to place bets following the rules. You click on the symbol you think will win. Click on the bet size and adjust it. And then click on the Roll button to see the outcome. That’s it.


So following up on how to play Jhandi Munda 2022, these are the terminologies you need to know:

Jhandi/Jhanda – Hindi word for flag symbolMunda/Burja/Mukut – Hindi word for the crown symbolHukum – Hindi word for the spade symbolPaan – Hindi word for the heart symbol

Chiri/Chiriya – Hindi word for the club symbolEent – Hindi word for the diamond symbolLangur – Hindi word for anchorHot symbols – The symbols that have appeared face-up most often

Cold symbols – The symbols that have not won any rollsHost/Dealer – The person who rolls the dice but can also make betsPlayer – The person who makes a bet on the outcome

Jhandi Munda Bets

As opposed to other online casino games, how to play Jhandi Munda is quite different and very easy. There aren’t many types of bets available as you have in craps or roulette, for example, there is just one bet you can make.

You just pick one of the six symbols and bet on it and that’s it. You can choose however much you want out of the options for bet sizes in each individual game. Limits may vary depending on the Jhandi Munda variant or the online casino offering the game. However, you can generally play for very small bets or even high roller bets as well.

Jhandi Munda Odds

To learn how to play Jhandi Munda you must also know the odds of winning before jumping in.

Jhandi Munda has a return to player (RTP) of 97.14% with a casino house edge of just 2.86%. This makes this traditional Indian game a fan favourite gaming at home, on the go, and even on the streets because of its high winning potential.


To calculate your odds of winning you can use simple mathematical statistics. The expected value of a roll of dice with number 1 to 6 is calculated as:

(1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6) / 6 = 21 / 6 = 3.5

The casino returns x3.4 each rupee you bet, so that leads to a return to player of (3.4 x 3.5) * 100% = 97.14%.

Jhandi Munda Strategy

From the first moment they learn how to play Jhandi Munda game most players try to come up with strategies to improve their winning chances.

There are some theories of betting based on observation (counting hot and cold symbols and determining which of them are most likely to follow-up next).

Play Responsibly

The best Jhandi Munda sites which often encourage responsible gambling will often offer you the ability in your account to set maximum loss limits either per individual session or per month.

Even if you have learned how to play Jhandi Munda well, it is still a good idea to practice self-restraint when allocating your budget, just like you would do with any other casino game.

This is especially important if you are playing on a tighter budget and you are not a high roller. Spread your balance into smaller play sessions.

This is the best of Jhandi Munda tricks. It’s common sense that playing more often will increase your chances. If you bet everything at once and you lose, this could take you out of the gambling scene for a while. Of course, smaller bets mean smaller wins but, eventually, multiple smaller wins can add up.

How to Win at Jhandi Munda

We have already established that learning how to play Jhandi Munda is not hard at all. With a house edge of just around 2.87%, you have some nice chances of winning.

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Of course, the best possible way to win and to learn how to play Jhandi Munda is picking one of the best Jhandi Munda casinos in India. Bets are often more budget-friendly compared to wagers at a brick and mortar casino because the costs of operating are smaller.

What this means for those who just started learning how to play the game is that smaller wagers mean more dice rolls, therefore more chances to win.

One of the most important steps in the process is the place you play. If you play at a rogue casino, some games could be “fixed” that’s why it’s so important to only play at the best Jhandi Munda sites, online casinos with a spotless reputation to ensure a safe and fair gambling session for Jandi Munda fans.

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How to Withdraw Winnings

After you’ve learned how to play Jhandi Munda games at an online casino you will want to withdraw your money. The best Jhandi Munda casinos in India will make sure that this process is safe, easy and straightforward.
The simplified process is this:

Then, you simply wait for the money to be delivered to your bank account or virtual wallet. The process is very simple but these steps may be different from one online casino to another. Pay attention when you are searching for the best Jhandi Munda sites to play.

Online Jhandi Munda 2022

The original game has been around since the 18th century. However, since most of the gambling market migrated to the online environment it was somehow expected that the online casinos will also offer variants of the Jhandi Munda online game.

Since this game has so many names like “Langur Burja” or “Crown and Anchor” it’s very hard to pinpoint the exact date when it became available online but that’s of little importance.

Since it became available at many online casinos, the game only increased in popularity. This also made the number of players who learn how to play Jhandi Munda grow even more.


Right now, both popular Jhandi Munda online game versions are offered to enthusiasts.

Variations of Jhandi Munda

Since its release, Jhandi Munda went through a series of transformations and over the years was offered in quite a couple of different variants. However, eventually, only two of them remained popular and are still played today.

If you just learned how to play Jhandi Munda 2022 and you are wondering which of the versions to try, here is more about each one of them:

Traditional Jhandi Munda

Here, the players bet on a symbol that they believe will come face-up the most at the throw of the Jhandi Munda dice. After the dice roll, the player who managed to correctly guess the outcome will win.

In the traditional game, your winning potential varies according to how many symbols you correctly guessed. The more of your chosen symbols appear face-up, the more you will win.

This is what was called “the street version” or the “progressive version” and it’s usually the first one players encounter when they learn how to play Jhandi Munda.

Fixed Return Jhandi Munda

As the name suggests, the second version of Jhandi Munda offers a fixed return of x3.4 the initial bet value, no matter how many times the chosen symbol ends up face-up.

If you think that this is the version that wields the most wins, you are actually wrong. In the end, both variations end up with the same payout. Here, the player is paid x3 the bet for three symbols face-up and x4 for four symbols and so on up until x6 the initial wager.

Online Video Jhandi Munda

You don’t have to learn how to play Jhandi Munda again for the online versions because the digital variants are more or less the same. The only difference is that the dealer will not throw the dice, the software will do it.


Usually, the online video Jhandi Munda 2022 features a digital table with 6 symbols. Players have to place their bets and choose the desired symbols that they believe will land.

Rounds are much faster as the computer mechanics work flawlessly based on the result of the random number generator. Also, the player has the ability to play at multiple tables at once while keeping complete privacy.

Live Jhandi Munda

If in the online Jhandi Munda versions you play against the computer, in the Live versions you play against a real human dealer. Since most casinos offer a state-of-art video streaming of 4K or Full HD quality, the experience is realistic. You can even talk and interact with the croupier.

Live Jhandi Munda rooms are the best options for those that prefer a realistic experience but that also enjoy the privacy of their homes. You can play live Jhandi Munda online even on your mobile devices. This means that you can take the fun with you anywhere you go.

Playing Offline vs Online Jhandi Munda

There are huge advantages if you choose to learn how to play Jhandi Munda online 2022. Firstly, you will be in total control. You can play from the comfort of your home or even on the go if you play from a mobile device without being limited by a place or time schedule.

You can just play at multiple tables at once while also keeping total privacy. While on the streets or in a brick and mortar casino it is impossible to play Jhandi Munda for free, online you can practice it for fun if you just want to learn how to play Jhandi Munda without investing any real cash. You don’t have to risk your balance before you think you are ready.


So now that you’ve learned how to play Jhandi Munda 2022 you can go ahead and practice! Play for free in demo mode to really get the hang of it before you start playing for real money. We’re confident that you will understand it in no time and become an expert player.

What is Jhandi Munda?

Jhandi Munda is a very easy to learn casino game of dice that’s based on luck. The game is the most popular in India and Nepal.

Can I win real money at Jhandi Munda 2022?

Yes, you can win real money if you choose to play Jhandi Munda at one of the online casinos for real cash but you can also test it for free until you learn how to play Jhandi Munda.

How can I win at Jhandi Munda?

While the Jhandi Munda online game is a game of chance and the results depend on a random number generator, you can, however, practice responsible gaming which can help you win more in the long run.

Is Online Jhandi Munda Legal in India?

Since India doesn’t have hard laws against online gambling, any reputable casino off-shore that is not under the jurisdiction of the country can be considered safe for Indian players.

Can Jhandi Munda games be played on mobile?

The Jhandi Munda online game can be played on a mobile device of your choice just like any other online casino game. As long as you have an internet connection, you are good to go.

Author: Steven Sanchez